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 About Thermal Tradepress operator

Thermal Trade Graphics is an industry leader in vinyl graphic services to the trade. From the first order in 1981, Thermal Trade has created, produced and shipped thousands of orders for customers spanning every industry. We are a company dedicated to provide our service as a partner to the trade, not a competitor for the business of the end user. We are located in East Texas, and look forward to your business as a partner and long-time customer.

 History of Thermal Decals

The idea behind thermal die-cut decals began in the late 1960s. George Salsgiver created a technique to simulate the look of expensive, hand-painted graphics using vinyl and metal plates. The plates were etched with acid, heated and struck against flat sheets of vinyl to create pre-spaced graphics and lettering. Before this time, the only way to create a pre-spaced vinyl graphic was to hand cut each letter individually. His new technique began a legacy known as the thermal die cut decal industry. To this day, thermal die-cutting decals is a unique, highly customized craft.