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When is it best to use a thermal die to cut decals?

colored vinyls

Thermal dies are arguably the best way to cut large quantities of intricate decals to shape, resulting in pristine consistency, faster production times, and happier customers. Thermal die-cutting is also the best solution for high quantity decal orders with multiple color vinyls.

We use premium vinyl for our decals because it offers tremendous weather resistance and durability, promising bright, non-fading color and flexibility upon application. They can even be placed on a surface with moderate contouring, such as a vehicle. Thermal Trade is dedicated to providing the best solutions for efficiency and quality for your die cut decal needs, which is why we are passionate about thermal dies and the benefits they offer.

Can Thermal Trade Graphics create/design my decal?

Absolutely. We have a full-service graphic arts department using the latest Adobe Creative Suite. Our graphic designers have years of experience, and know exactly what our thermal team needs for the production of your decals. This benefits you because you won't need to be responsible for managing outsourced files and graphics.

What kind of art files can you work from?

Our preference is for your file to be an Adobe Illustrator CS6 file with outlined fonts (.eps, .ai, or .pdf). We can, however, work with just about any file type as long as it contains information about your image. Raster images (.jpg, .png, .tiff) will have to be recreated by our art department, and an artwork charge will be discussed with you upon placement of your order. Please see Art Department for more information.

How large can my decal be?press

Currently we offer decals up to 36" x 102", as allowed by our die capabilities.

How is pricing determined for thermal decals?

• Decal Quantity
• Vinyl color(s) or Ink color(s)
• Square inches of material used
• Square inches of magnesium thermal die (a 1-time charge to create your custom die)
• Number of picks

Where can I get information on pricing?

Because each die-cut decal is unique in detail, shape, size, and imagery, your price quote will be determined by one of our customer service experts. Our customer service will determine not only variant expenses such as labor, but the most cost-efficient ways for producing your decal quantity. It's best to provide an image for the most exact price quote.

What are “picks?”4-pick area

Once the vinyl is "kiss-cut" by the die, our production team removes the excess vinyl from your custom decal. This step, known as "weeding," includes discarding the background and remnants from each letter, number, and object. A “pick” is charged for each piece of removal. Your number of picks will be assessed upon submission of artwork, and can greatly vary depending on the detail.

Where is your facility located?

Thermal Trade is located in Tyler, Texas. We ship anywhere in the continental United States.

Still not convinced that Thermal Trade can work for your decal needs?

We can help you decide the best production technique for your project. Call us to discuss your needs, and let the decal experts guide you towards the best solution for your decals.